Tips For Working With A Tailor
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Getting clothes custom tailored is the best way to get clothes that fit perfectly and look great. Not only that, but custom-tailored clothes last for years. The price of tailoring has come down over the years, and nowadays, most average people can afford a good Singapore Tailor. The following are some tips for working with a tailor to get the best possible results.

Bring Examples

Just like going to the hair salon with a picture of a hairstyle, it is important to bring visual aids on the first visit to a tailor. Once the tailor and customer know each other well, the tailor will understand the customer's preferences. But in the beginning, it will be very helpful to the tailor if the customer brings sample clothing items or pictures that illustrate the fit, style, lines, or other details that he or she wants to see in a tailored item.

Master The Vocabulary

There are a few key words to learn before visiting a tailor. One word that may not be familiar to the general public is "break." The break is where the bottom of the pants hits the top of the shoe. If a pair of paints have a quarter inch break, it means that they make a slight horizontal fold a quarter of an inch above the hem. Another word to know is "dart." Darts are seams used to take in the waist of a baggy shirt to make it more form-fitting.

Tailor in Singapore

Dress For A Fitting

When customers visit the tailor for a fitting, they need to wear the clothes that they would normally wear with the item. When trying on a Ladies Suit, for example, a woman should wear the shoes she will most likely wear with the outfit to make sure that the pants are the right length. Similarly, when trying on a blazer, a man should wear a dress shirt rather than a t-shirt underneath.

Be Prepared To Pay More Than Retail

Tailored clothes cost more than store-bought clothes, but they are invariably higher quality, better fitting, and longer lasting. People who own bespoke items, like Women Pant Suits, wear them for many years. When choosing a tailor, don't be tempted to find the cheapest because the good ones charge for their quality and expertise. It's also common for customers to show appreciation with a tip.

When customers find a tailor they like and enjoy working with, they will get their money's worth in the quality of the clothes they acquire. Tailored clothes can even make the wearer look taller, say many fashion experts.

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